November 29, 2023
Shopify Advantages

Introduction   The success of your online business depends significantly on the platform you choose in the ever-changing world of e-commerce. Shopify, a well-rounded solution trusted by businesses globally, offers a multitude of Shopify advantages. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits that make Insead Tech Shopify an excellent option for e-commerce development....

November 22, 2023
Application Re-engineering - Upgrade legacy systems for improved efficiency and scalability

Introduction In the ever-changing landscape of technology, businesses must continuously update their systems to meet the demands of the modern world. Although once robust, many organizations still rely on legacy systems that might hinder their growth. Application re-engineering is a deliberate method to revitalize these outdated systems and propel them into the future, as offered...

November 16, 2023
The Power of Social Media Marketing: Why Every Business Should Invest?

Introduction Entrepreneurs are navigating the digital landscape with an ever-growing emphasis on expanding their online presence. Social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, has become a linchpin in this journey. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, once remarked, ‘When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up...

October 31, 2023
12 Key Elements of a Successful Web Development Project

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for both individuals and businesses. The success of your web development project depends on several crucial factors, whether you’re building a brand-new website or redesigning an old one. You can trust INSEAD TECH to deliver on these important elements in this blog, which have...