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Point of Sale POS

Run your retail point of sale POS system both online and offline! Insead Tech innovative system streamlines all aspects of your business into an all-in-one solution. This retail POS software gives retailers the power of full control and the comfort of real-time monitoring. Ring up sales, track products coming in and out of your store, create purchase orders, sell gift cards and much more! Point of Sale POS, multi location Inventory, Stock management software, Inventory software sales and purchase management.
Need information on your customers and your employees? No, problem! Customer tracking, employee time-clock and commissions are all available!
Try our retail POS software now and grow your business!


Merchandise Hierarchy
Logically group items into a merchandise hierarchy for effective planning. Define up to 15 hierarchical levels in a hierarchy.
Replenishment Planning
Successful execution on the store.Take into consideration Minimum level, Order multiple, Lead time, Replenishment sources and Pack size/UOM.
Sales Forecasting
Automatic Best Pick Option. Generate forecasts based on Product, Product group, Product categories and Merchandise hierarchy.
Inventory Management
Setup Product database for standard, serialized, batch managed, kit, assembly and non-inventory items.Data Purge store wise and Bar-code Masking.
By using this feature, the user can manage content on pages using editor provided on the page, e.g., about us, contact us, our services etc.
Purchase Management
POS operators can view entire stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution center at the POS. Retail delivers complete visibility across retail chain.
Point of Sale POS Benefits

Point of Sale POS Benefits

  • Merchandise Hierarchy
  • Replenishment Planning
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Dashboards
  • Inventory Control to Avert Stock-Outs
  • Multi location Inventory
  • Stock management software
  • Inventory software
  • sales and purchase

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